Exam Preparation Courses


Exam Preparation Courses

These courses are aimed to not only prepare the coachee-student to learn, practice and perfect language skills,  but also to learn the necessary techniques to successfully pass official foreign language exams.

They are courses to obtain an accreditation of the following exams: English (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, OPI and Cambridge); Italian (CILS-CELI-PLIDA- Cert.it); and Spanish (DIE-DELE-SIELE-CELU). The test is not included in the course.

In these exam preparation courses you will learn the fundamental strategies to successfully obtain the certification you need. You will be able to improve your results thanks to a continuous assessment system, learning to know the structure of the exam and practicing with previous test models. Learn to manage time well, plan answers, avoid common mistakes, use specific vocabulary and much more.

Standardized language proficiency tests are used to meet immigration, college, or employment requirements. They are useful to certify your level in the language according to a scale accepted by universities, governments, and many organizations worldwide.

For this type of course there are generally two modalities:

  1. Exam crash course

For intensive preparation, you can take a specific exam course with variable times per week. The intensity may vary depending on the destination you choose. A course of 12 to 24 weeks is usually done.

  1. Regular language course plus possibility of exam preparation

You can also prepare for your exam by combining a regular language course with an elective class about the exam. Availability varies according to destination and start dates.

Required level

An intermediate level in the language is usually required to take an exam preparation course. For students who are at basic levels we recommend starting with a general language program to improve their skills until they reach the appropriate level.



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