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FAANG is an acronym that refers to five American tech giants: Facebook Inc, Amazon, Apple Inc, Netflix, and Google-parent Alphabet Inc. Tech companies are undoubtedly one of the most valuable entities in the world. Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons. In almost every aspect of our lives, technology plays a massive role, from the tools we use to study, work, play, shop, and interact with one another. Even organizations rely on technology to operate and market their products and services.

Just like other interviews, job interviews for FAANG companies are conducted both online and in person. The purpose of these interviews is to assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities with respect to a specific job role.

The questions asked in FAANG job interviews are a mix of traditional interview questions, brainteasers, technical proficiency tests, and problem-solving questions. Broadly the questions are categorized as follows:


  • Behavioral questions
  • Situational or competency-based questions
  • Technical questions


Behavioral interview questions

Behavioral interview questions are targeted to understand more about the candidate and analyze their fitment in the organization. The key to nailing behavioral interview questions is the STAR technique i.e. by clearly identifying a Situation, Task, Action, and Result of any relevant experience that you may have.


Situational interview questions

Situational or competency-based interview questions essentially consist of hypothetical situations where candidates are expected to resolve a problem or respond to a challenging scenario. These questions are aimed at analyzing a candidate’s competencies such as communication, management, leadership, problem-solving, risk-taking, and adaptability.


Technical questions

Lastly, comes the key bit of FAANG job interviews i.e. a round of technical questions. This round consists of questions on the candidate’s technical knowledge, skills, and experience. While the type of technical questions varies as per the need of the role, the underlying aim of technical questions is to test the candidate’s ability to communicate technical concepts and describe the work process in a simple, easy-to-understand format.


These questions, be they behavioral, situational, or technical questions, are essential tools to understanding a candidate’s thought process and what value they will add to the organization. FAANG job interview questions are more about the process one takes. This means that the recruiters would analyze the candidate’s approach to a task, such as:

  • whether or not they have checked the assumptions
  • if they have thought through all the possible cases
  • the method in which they broke down the problem


So, if you are considering a career in the tech industry, I can help you gain the necessary confidence to ace your FAANG interview by improving your English language knowledge with mock-interviews, rehearsals, role-plays, accent reduction and time management techniques.



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