PTE Academic: Pearson English Language Test

The PTE Academic test has grown a lot in terms of popularity; an increasing number of universities accept it as relevant proof of English knowledge from aspiring international students.

Unlike TOEFL® iBT, IELTS Academic, and the Cambridge exams, which have 4 parts, the PTE test is divided into 3 sections:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

Starting from November 16th, 2021, the PTE Academic takes 2 hours to complete (used to take 3 hours before) and is also available as PTE Academic Online, allowing students from anywhere in the world to pass the test from the comfort of their home.

Grades range between 10–90, using the Global Scale of English. Most universities and colleges have minimum scores of 50–60.

The PTE certificate is valid for two years.



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